Saturday, November 26, 2011

Updates: 63 New Tiles

November 26, 2011

1x1: 8 (New)

2x1: 14 (New)

WP7 Originals: 41 (New)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

HELP! Seeking Android Developer!

     While looking around in the Android Market I came across this app called Icon 7. I was curious and decided to take a look, it turns out this guy decided to take the work of others and collected tons of icons, including the ones in this blog. I don't mind if he re-distributes (for free) the icons, but he is selling them directly, there is no free ad-supported version or donate version. I found it unscrupulous how he is selling these icons when most of them are not even his own work. Solution?

     I'm looking for a developer who is willing to create an icon pack with all the icons found in this blog. Hopefully, that developer can publish it for free in the Android Market. I want to make these icons available to everyone, free of charge. If you are interested please contact me.

List Of Updates

*In order to provide icon updates faster and more efficiently, icons will be displayed in my Picasa Web Album. This will benefit everyone since I will be uploading more icons as soon as I have them available. The old method was not very efficient. Thanks for visiting.

*Novermber 12, 2011

1) 1x1 Tiles
  • 33 New Tiles Added  
2) 2x1 Tiles  
  • 45 New Tiles Added
3) WP7 Originals Added (New Category, 110 Icons)

*August 22, 2011: 

-2x1 (18) Tiles Added
  • Air Hockey
  • Basketball Shot
  •  TweetCaster
  • Fruit Slice
  • iKamasutra
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Ninjump
  • Chalk Ball
  • Paper Toss
  • Blast Monkeys
  • Hangman
  • Memory Trainer
  • Retro Camera
  • Angry Monkey
  • Labyrinth 
  • Zune Red
  • Zune Grey
  • LinkedIn 
1x2 (2) Tiles Added:
  • Google Plus
  • Catch Notes